How Much Coconut Oil Should I Give My Dog?


hi this is dr. Karen Becker and if

you’re a health conscious person you

probably have heard about the benefits

of incorporating coconut oil into your

diet if you are a pet owner and a health

conscious person it’s important to note

that all those same health benefits are

also passed down to the dogs cats

reptiles birds ferrets and rabbits in

your life coconut oil is one of the

richest sources of medium chain

triglycerides and medium chain essential

fatty acids that you can find anywhere

the great thing about medium chain

triglycerides for pets is it’s a rich

source of energy and it contains lauric


lauric acid is beneficial in terms of

helping the immune system lauric acid

antiviral antifungal antibacterial and

lauric acid does a great job of helping

to balance the immune system I love

coconut oil for dogs and cats

specifically because it is easy to

digest so I feel very confident

recommending it for patients that have

gastrointestinal problems patients with

IBD or dysbiosis and sensitive stomachs

can really benefit from coconut oil

because coconut oil doesn’t require

lipase or gall bladder secreted bile to

help process and many of the essential

fatty acids of the market require

pancreatic secretion of the digestive

enzyme lipase as well as bile for

appropriate digestion and assimilation

in coconut oil excellent because you can

provide it to your pets and it doesn’t

cause any additional requirement for

absorption or digestion your pets are

able to assimilate it beautifully

without having to require any other

organs work for assimilation or

digestion coconut oil does a great job

of helping to balance dysbiotic patients

or animals that are having ratio of good

to bad bacteria issues in their GI

tracts coconut oil is terrific for

animals that have allergies or skin and

coat problems so in my practice we

recommend it for pets that have dry

flaky skin through the winter we

recommend it for animals that have thin

coats or that are shedding excessively I

love coconut oil topically as well for

pets that have cuts abrasions sores dry

cracked noses on all dogs elbow pads of

dogs that are thick and irritated even

on the pads of their feet

during winter months it’s excellent

moisturizer for pads that are cracked or

irritated so at my practice we advocate

using coconut oil topically

we recommend using coconut oil

internally for all of the health

benefits in terms of helping to provide

lauric acid in an absorbable form for

dogs and cats at my house my pets love

coconut oil in fact they’ll eat it right

off the spoon at my house I use coconut

oil for administering pills and

medications because they love it and so

I may be able to take just a scoop of it

and my pets will eat it right off the

scoop the dose for coconut oil is a

teaspoon for every from 10 to 20 pounds

of body weight

occasionally initially I’ll use a

teaspoon for every 5 pounds but

maintenance doses a teaspoon for every

10 to 20 pounds of body weight in my

house I’m able to put the pills right

inside of a dollop of coconut oil and

offer it to my pets and they’ll eat it

right off the spoon so it’s an excellent

treat but it’s a treat with a whole host

of medicinal benefits