How To Rehome a Dog In One Day

hey guys so as promised I said in my

channel at least a portion of it will be

dedicated to those things there of

course close to my heart and of interest

to me we recently found ourselves in a

situation with a family pet and I

thought I would just give some tips to

those who find themselves in a similar

situation and want to do right by the

pit stay tuned and let’s dig in

I think I’ll start where every you know

pet owner has to begin who is going down

this road of meeting to re-home a dog or

puppy which is making the decision

so first of all you have to come to

terms with making that tough decision

I’m just going to talk about on the

interest of the pet and how we went

about rehoming ours and what worked for

us one of the first things of course is

dealing with putting our own you know

guilt and grief aside and really just

taking into consideration what we want

to do for our families friends in case

I’ll be referring to Lou who was our

five year old he was a mousy Shih Tzu

mix he’s been with our family since he

was 10 weeks old so a little backstory

about our situation a family member

basically has allergies had allergies

for the duration of having this pet

didn’t know that this is going to be an

issue when you know they got the pit but

you know shortly after having it knew

that you know there’s an allergic thing

going on long story short dealt with

there for years because of a child the

child had become attached to the pit so

dealt with this for several several

years actually five years which is a

long time um so at some point it was

just like I’m tired of being miserable

and sick we’re gonna have to be home

this dog you know find him an adoptive

family I’m just going to talk about on

the interest of the pet and how we went

about rehoming ours and worked for us

one of the first things of course is

dealing with putting our own you know

guilt and grief aside and really just

taking into consideration what we want

to do for our family friend this case

I’ll be referring to Lou who was our

five year old he was a mouthy Shih Tzu

mix he’s been with our family since he

was 10 weeks old so a little backstory

about our situation a family member

basically has allergies had allergies

for the duration of having this pet

didn’t know that this is going to be an

issue when you know they got the pit but

you know shortly after having it knew


no there’s an allergic thing going on

long story short dealt with that for

years because of a child the child had

become attached to the pit

so dealt with this for several several

years actually five years which is a

long time um so at some point it was

just like I’m tired of being miserable

and sick we’re going to have to be home

this dog you know find him an adoptive

family hopefully this will help somebody

else who have found themselves in this

very emotional and difficult I mean it

is heart-tugging heart-wrenching

situation our pets become a part of the

family so but I wanted to also be able

to provide people with a strategy that

at least will start to number one

fulfill the goal of doing right by the

pet and number two it will help the

grief process just a bit to know that

the pet will be able to live their lives

out safely with another family instead

of ending up like in a shelter or being

euthanized or put to sleep

you know we went through the process of

trying to rehome the pet with other

family members or friends long story

short it didn’t work out and we really

weren’t ready to take in another animal

the second thing that came up was and

pardon me for looking down but I have

notes was using our resources

well the first thing we do is we set a

goal that we wanted this animal to live

out his life with the family one of the

tools that we used on social media is

great another one that we found that

worked well is using a library I called

the animal hospital that we use for you

know our pet the place where we

originally purchased the pen which is

like the pet store or breeder whatever

um so we were just using all of our

resources that we can think of in order

to you know basically try and drum up as

many you know people who are looking to

bring a pet into their home we’re trying

to make that connection and make that

link to bring these two things together

you know the animal that needs a home

with the family who’s looking to bring

in a pit so those were the places that

we used and the most successful that I

will say right away that we found the

most hits was using social media so

Facebook actually ended up being great

we had hits like right away almost

immediately and then seconds for

Facebook was we had almost immediate

responses when we hung it on a community

board at the local library

those two are highly favored and

personally I feel like you owe it to the

pet if you brought this animal into your

house or into your life at least do

right by a do the humane thing and try

to rehome it

those were the means the resources that

we use in order to get the word out that

we have a pet that is up for adoption we

didn’t just you know have a disregard

for what would happen to the animal you

know when you think about if you drop an

animal off a shelter especially one that

is not identified as a no-kill shelter

you basically don’t know what’s going to

happen to that animal if it doesn’t get

adopted it may be put to sleep

and you know potentially it may be

adopted it may not but the point is is

that you’re being you know responsible

and trying to do your your best you know

moving with those good intentions by

that animal then you will at least you

know do the research put in the time it

didn’t take much time at all

we were able to identify an adoptive

family for our animal that was looking

to be adopted within a day within the

day I mean literally

let me before I get ahead of myself

let’s talk about after we’ve done and

figured out and identify some resources

places where we can actually get the

word out so after that we actually went

about creating a flyer

we created a flier just a really cute

flier basically saying at the top it was

simple and I’m going to include a

picture somewhere after this I’ll

include a picture basically showing you

the flyer the exact flyer that we use

or basically it was just like a doctor

me I had a cute picture of Lou and then

the other thing was to include some

information about him that people would

find important like his bio basically um

and then I also included information

about what the adoption was includes or

details about it like whether or not we

were going to charge anything for him

which we were not and he was also going

to come with a full set up so you know

like I said this dog had a home for five

years so he had everything that he

needed including being fully vaccinated

um you know just everything that a new

family or adoptive family would need the

expenses were not there because we had

it all and we were basically delivering

over with the dog the main thing for us

and our main goal was to find the proper

home the one thing that I did you know

make my best effort to do was to put the

fact that the animal was free not as

like the biggest thing on the page

because we didn’t want to attract the

wrong type of people because a lot of

times people make emotional move to

adopt a pet and mind you even with your

best vetting you know and you know

looking into a potential adoptive family

you never know 100% that this is going

to be a forever home

but we did make sure that we included in

the flyer that we were looking for our

intention was to look for a forever home

for Lou so that was super important to

us and it was super important to us to

identify the best place for him some of

those things that I’m pretty sure made

this a easier decision for whomever was

looking to adopt a dog was the fact that

he was going to have a full set up so he

was coming with this crate he was coming

with a pet taxi the leash on the water

and food bowls treats a large supply of

food because the dog was puppy pad

trained meaning that he goes poo and you

know he goes potty on puppy pads so cuz

he was an indoor dog all those things

and a huge supply those things were

going with the dog so it made it so that

all you have to do is take the dog and

work on helping the

to adjust to being in a new family in a

new environment we made it as easy as

possible on the new adoptive family so I

do suggest that if there’s anything you

can do to make it easier for an animal

that you’re trying to re-home make sure

that you do that make sure that you

include whatever you can and even if you

have to especially if you love this pet

on purchase whatever you think this

person will need like if you can

purchase an additional bag of food or

treats or you know vaccinations whatever

it is whatever you can do to make it

easier at the better like for instance

we had several months supplies of the

flea and tick medicine which can be

costly and the heartworm medicine all

those things are included with him

because number one we care about Lou

that was the first thing and then number

two whomever was taking him was

basically you know doing something that

was easing our heart from being as torn

I mean of course there was always going

to be a part of you know you that

grieves you know in this process

especially if you loved animals the way

we do basically let people know what

your intention is like for instance we

let people know right away that a bit of

the backstory as to why we were giving

his pet up this was not a nuisance pet

it was a one that we were just like oh

my god he drove us nuts we don’t want

him anymore this was more of a situation

of dealing with a conflict between

somebody’s health and the pet needing a

home so those are tough situations but

regardless of the reasons for needing to

re-home a pet I don’t want that to come

off the fight because people have their

reasons and trust me um you know no one

is more important than the other because

if the animal needs to be home that to

me is the biggest focus so some of the

various reasons I know that come up is

you know sometimes people have a

difficult time you know training up pit

and then they you know give up in the

process and that’s fine as well on the

pet needs rehomed if you don’t have the

time and energy to do it

um other things could be that somebody

is moving traveling going to college

breaking up

you know people split families um you

know the kids you know having a child or

having a child with allergies to the pet

there are just so many different reasons

that come up that people end up having

to re-home a pet so regardless of what

it is I know that the biggest thing to

me is to make sure if these animals

don’t end up in shelters where they kill

them and it doesn’t also a lot of times

you may find as I did that the no-kill

shelters are at capacity they can’t take

any more animals in so I’m going to move

on to my next tip to help you out in

your process because I do I’m a firm

believer and don’t put all your eggs in

one basket

meaning spread out the you know spread

out your search in order to you know

move the process along faster quicker

and more effectively in our area there’s

a shelter called five acres animal

shelter and that is a no-kill shelter

and when I called them they actually

refer me to because they did not have

capacity to take another animal it’s a

volunteer I believe that the volunteer

shelter I’m not sure I can’t be I’m not

really sure about that but um the point

is that they didn’t have capacity and I

knew that I wanted to put him if we

couldn’t find a hall we wanted to put

the animal in a no-kill shelter so that

we know that they’ll be adopted not put

to sleep the website that I was given

and I actually did go out there and just

look at it I ended up not using it

because like I said the flyer that I

hung you know it happened so fast

I’m telling you within an hour we had

enquiries and you know more than you

know a few so I think we had like five

to six increase within the same day that

we actually put the information out

there that we had a pet for adoption up

for adoption I just don’t see how anyone

really don’t have time to do that I mean

I guess somebody to but the point is

that it was so easy to do and it was

just such a right move that that’s the

reason why I’m making this video in the

first place that this end up being so

simple I just like I got to share this

put this out there and hope that it will

number one cut down on some of the

traffic of animals that are going to

kill shelters shelters that actually

have to put them to sleep due to

overcrowding I know no animal place

really wants to do that but the point is

is that we have to be responsible pet

owners which takes me back to the bio

section I did include also because we

were trying our best of course to be

responsible owners so the animal was

neutered if you have an animal that is

spade and neuter you should also include

that information along with if you have

an animal that’s microchipped because I

believe if you have a microchipped

animal um like my dogs microchips blue

the dog that was rehomed was not but I

believe you need to update that

information with the microchip company

in order to make sure that it is aligned

with who the current owner is so that if

the animal is ever lost on it can be

returned properly

in the interview process it was just

over the phone um it was just a

situation or over email you can do it

over text message if we did a little bit

of everything so we were doing some

messaging over social media we did over

the phone conversations with potential

adoptive families basically I just kind

of talked establish a rapport with the

person and just told them you know a

little bit of the backstory about Lou

and what we were trying to do and the

fact that we don’t we didn’t want him in

a shelter or anything like that we

really wanted him to go from our home to

another home which we thought would be

less stress on you know on Lou and also

I put out there that you know whoever

you know potentially adopted Lou we

would like them to understand that is

for whatever reason you know on

something doesn’t work out please call

us and let us know um you know you can’t

guarantee the people will but I just

wanted to put it out there like keep my

number if something happens that you

need to rehome the animals for whatever

reason then let us know because it can

definitely help you in the process of

rehoming him and i would foster him

again you know on to rehome him because

it was not difficult at all and you know

in order to do right by this animal

until you know the end of his life so to

me that was not a chore or anything that

was difficult for me to do or take that

responsibility on even long-term so but

that’s up to you to determine if you

want to just cut all ties and be like

okay it’s yours now you know I wasn’t

selling a raggedy used car so I really

you know wasn’t trying to sever ties

like that but at the same time I’m like

I don’t want to internship on the new

family right so you know you decide that

for yourself when we talked you know I

asked some of the important things that

I thought um to ask the new adoptive

family or new mommy because it was a

woman asked about which was previous

pets on how it went how it ended with

those pits like for instance where we

actually the lady

that actually took Lu she had a dog

previously for I believe 11 or 12 years

until the dog died naturally you know

like you know got to the natural end of

its life and long story short it just

showed me that this person and mind you

you can’t as much as I wanted to I felt

you know enough of an affinity to Lou

that I almost wanted to like run

background checks and all these other

kind of stuff um you also have to be

reasonable right so I did my due

diligence and asked the questions and we

you know do hope and Charlotte said we

had honest you know responses and people

who have good intentions you know there

is no way to guarantee you know outcomes

right I don’t care how much how much we

do but we did our best so long story

short ask questions about previous pets

ask questions about we’re not there are

kids in the household how old they are

how the pet gets along if you have

information about how the pet gets along

with kids and other animals I think

that’s information you should tell them

and be honest about it because the last

thing you want to do is we have a

childhood animal that doesn’t like

children or doesn’t get along with them

or have bitten a child god forbid they

deserve to know and secondly you are

putting basically a problem into

somebody’s house so you already know how

this is going to end for the dog the dog

is going to end up in a shelter and they

probably won’t care what kind of shelter

so that’s the far right a practice

social responsibility by the animal it’s

the most humane thing that we can do for

them if we find ourselves in such a

tough and heart-wrenching situation um

secondly um I believe I was asking about

like you know through talking and people

just kind of volunteering information I

kind of found out like well they have

time for the pet for time for you know

rehoming the pet I let them know like

what types of training the animal has

had I think that’s important for people

to know whether or not you know they’ve

had some difficulties with training you

know and also what was included in the

adoption you know

I also I think they saw that on the

flyer as well that it was going to be

free but we were looking for the best

home and one of the important things

while we were still gathering potential

adoptive families and looking into them

was we were honest about the fact that

we’re looking into them you know we had

other people who were inquiring and made

no promises about who we would pick we

said we were going to pick the family

that we thought would best fit for Luke

for the pet so that was one of things

that we formed a two-person committee

basically which is you know the original

owner you know like I said and then of

course me and we talked about it we

talked it through it was like no to this

person yes to this person no this person

has a small child and not to

discriminate against people with

children but it was one of those things

where sometimes you can bring an animal

in and the child’s afraid and after a

while it’s going to drive somebody nuts

and some got a gift so we actually were

happy to rehome move with someone that

number one had no other animals that we

knew of and number two had longevity

with the animal before and you can just

tell that this was going to be this

person’s everything and that’s exactly

the type of situation that you really

want is to connect someone who is

needing that with an animal that also

needs a firm mommy art forever daddy

forever family you know that kind of

thing so in mind you there are some

people you know who you know can bring

in and and manage the stress of small

children and animals there are super

women and men out there who can do that

but for us we felt most comfortable

saying that this person had animals

before so we know that the allergy

issues that caused the animal to be

rehomed in the first place

probably wouldn’t be an issue for her

so the next step in this is actually

meeting with the new adoptive family in

order to do you know the handover you

know so what we end up doing was on the

person that ended up top in the family

actually saw on the flyer that we hung

at the library community board so that

was actually how we found Lu’s new mommy

we actually met there because that was

of course a public place it was where we

hung the fliers in the first place which

was great and so we both knew the

location but aside from that one of the

things that you can do as well is maybe

meet at a gas station or police station

but remember these are strangers still

so just because this is centered around

a animal don’t forget stranger danger

right I just want to put that disclaimer

out there don’t let people come to your

house and this has nothing to do with

not having good intentions by the pet

but I think we all understand that we

live in a dangerous world right so there

are crazy people out here so we may

should we met somewhere public what we

were both so comfortable and also give

us some space and some grass to go and

play with the animal and kind of you

know make acquaintances and just make

sure that they still want to go through

with it because I would have been

perfectly happy if they was like no I

don’t think so you know um I would have

been happy to have if that happens I

would be like okay good because I don’t

want you know this beloved you know Lu

to end up with someone who you know

doesn’t take him and love him and we do

so anyway I hope this has been helpful

for someone who ends up in the same kind

of tough situation of needing to re-home

a pic and a family member because they

do become our family and our baby so

it’s just not easy at all but there are

you know healthy you’ve gotten some tips

and some strategies that will help you

with it I’m going to just leave the

flyer that we had at the end of the

video and hopefully you can screenshot

it or you know at least get some tips on

if people are needing you know like what

kind of information on how we worded it

or you know those things for Dina to do

this so please prior to

social responsibility pet you know

neuter and spay your animals and also

just make sure that you consider things

that may end up being a problem down the

road before you actually purchase on an

animal or let’s say rescue one so but

there are obviously going to be

situations out of our control and the

best thing that we can do is to make the

best of the situation so please if you

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