Healthy Diet for Dog with Cancer

I use the organic free-range chicken

drumsticks this slow cooker holds about

15 drumsticks I feel in feed Daisy 2

minutes a day and then so this slow

cooker cook 12 meals

that’s for six days I love this

free-range chicken because don’t have a

fat almost at all fill up the water then

wiggle a little bit to take air out

between that chicken pieces and water

almost to cover the chicken then start

cooking on low for 13 hours see us 13

hours later

I use multicolor

organic carrot and organic broccoli so

during a chicken it’s cooking I prepare

carrots and broccoli

so I wash your carrots with a brush see

beautiful curls I love it

so now give a threat to the carrot so

easy to cook so beautiful inside

so if a sec cut a few times if a skinny

one you just read it and then I put in

the plastic bag ziploc bag because I

keep in the refrigerator for later after

13 hours later

now I cut the broccoli and packaged it

if a big package I used to just the

florets but this package is small so I

use stem also so peel that skin from

stem and then cut also broccoli I keep

in the plastic bag for later supposed to

go into the refrigerator 13 hours past

oh look so good so now I put the carrot

into the pot and push it down go into

that juice and then put the raids on

about 30 minutes so 30 minutes past mmm

Celt cooked now put the broccoli inside

not much it possible for sure into the

juice stem parter goes down

na the turrets on

and make sure it’s closed

and then switch off

that least one Nova rhythm after more

than one never passed I this year

today’s its each meal so it is easy to

separate the chickens from a bond when

still warm so I cut the broccoli and

then next carrots we cut the carrots so

beautiful colors and then I use five

drumsticks who are four meals

so take out the skin from a chicken

and then use

oh the

part of chicken but be careful

each a drama sticker has a small bomb

so the mr. to take out from et


so I keep this bones for our Superstock

so each either a mistake has a small

bounce please take out

this one has small bomb


and then fifths

there are mistake I divide for for so if

you big one

put the little more and they feel small

its drumstick I give more

so I put the three evader of juice to

each bar

after finish wrap up and then keep in

the refrigerator

when I prepare Daisy’s meal I use

organic yogurt 1/2 cup in the Flex

organic flexi see the oil a 2/3 of the

large spoon and I pray and for each meal

and she also take a toccata arigatou

gozaimasu you see no miracle subotica

Takata who stay in Estonia fear the new

her conduct a kata Stonyfield a yogurt

anaesthetise a target area to was Imus

yogurt Omata hanafuda Neha conducts a

toccata hanafuda hot air a terracotta

arigatou gozaimasu

the Rexy dogs gotta gotta gotta arigato

gozaimasu Rekha sido para su na caixa

Neha condenado santa catarina de

gozaimasu medical Baron Tanaka said

Alexiou Nestico de santa catarina the

bahamas her XE o ruamata a co-op in

Hakone de casa de taco up de hitori


arigato gozaimasu

now put the in that day seats ball and

checking your solitaire Takata and

Ingenio so that I could attack at Brock

Oreo so that decorate a kata arigato


soryo Metatrader Joanie Hakan Deaconess

at the data arigatou gozaimasu

but the trajectory dojo day uttereth

ricotta arigatou gozaimasu they sing at

masa masa cane called a waka waka

schooners uma Sione domo arigato

gozaimasu concise Takano mero

italic mass nickimja stay o

hi nazy said come back my daughter

totally well Totoro Totoro Totoro Totoro

Totoro Totoro thank you thank you thank


right after she finished the meal and

now I give a new bed this is a

supplement for dog so once a day after

the breakfast I give you one new bed dog

Daisy it’s now 12 years and then what so

now she’s the last carrier mix she

weighs about 28 pounds

Oh one-year-old she had cancer she had a

tumorous groom on her left front paw the

veterinary surgeon was able to catch in

time had to remove her to cloth inspired

by a book called dog cancer the holistic

answer step by step guide by dr. Steven

Ison and it’s a wonderful book himself

study holistic medicine for over 30

years and his his 11 year old lapse

Lhasa Apso Burpee so he developed a

treatment which is explained in this

book and it’s 5 steps as it includes a

special diet he removed his dog from any

kind of commercial dog food some daisies

cancer is now gone as a side benefit

even the arthritis she had before is

gone she’s very healthy we’re very