Dog Cancer Treatment Worked

hi my name is teri rose and here’s both

he can’t really see him too much right

now because he loves to stick his head

around the the leg of the chair but

he’ll be moving in a minute we’ve been

having a casual day he’s a little worn

out he’s passed his nap time we he’s

been out with me we’ve been doing

errands and yard work and we’ve been out

wandering around the neighborhood and so

he’s taking his nap here but every once

in a while you’ll see him he’ll poke my

arm a little bit which means you you’re

not petting me but he is my miracle dog

and I am on a roll I I have had such a

great blessing of having him almost come

back to life three times now in the last

year since he got diagnosed with cancer

and was very very sick and I talked

about my own health conditions and the

things that I was able to change on my

website so I won’t go into that here you

can you can go to my piece of success

website and read more about my story but

because of so many years of challenges

and not really being able to heal some

things and turning to alternative health

and energy work out of absolute

desperation and then finding how it

worked I I just got on a kick and just

even oh really researched it and tried

as many things as I possibly could and

it ended up you know migraine headaches

all that I had all my life a lower back

problem just carpal tunnel were the

biggest things and then emotionally I

felt so bad all my life and I went to so

many doctors and it wasn’t in my head

but they could never really find

anything I was tired all the time

I had chronic fatigue it you know life

is just depressing when you feel that

way so emotionally I was down I could

put on a good front you know and I had

my moments and I had my times when I

felt a little better but most of the

time I just had kind of a downer feeling

about life well doing energy work

changed all of that for me and I rescued

both six years ago and he’s just been

the best dog in the world but he ended

up getting diagnosed with cancer about a


oh and I began a real intense a program

of doing energy work on him and the

first thing that happened was his is all

of his indicators of cancer disappeared

from his blood well then my mom got sick

on top of that so I really put my

attention on her a little bit more and

he got sick again my vet usually has

given him days two weeks maybe she says

you know possibly could last months this

has been over a year and she now calls

him Timex she said he takes a lickin and

keeps on kickin she keep saying I don’t

understand it he should not be here but

you know she’s not really familiar with

energy work I try to explain it a little

bit but it’s it’s such a wild concept

especially for a lot of doctors or

veterinarians but you know our bodies

made of energy and I’m able to do energy

work and and basically the most simple

thing that that I found is just

something where you use the energy from

your hands and direct it at certain

areas and it works it heals you know so

if you want more information about that

stop on my website you can either go to

a WWE sub success compy EAC e of success

comm or energy dot piece of success comm

and you can you can get some more

information about what I use and how I

do this work and what it’s meant in my

life but I became an energy coach

because I saw such amazing results and I

worked with a lot of clients that their

health problems just disappear because

we’re changing the energy system we run

blocking energy we’re doing a lot of

things that just allow the body to

function as it as it should but once

again not long ago bo just got really

sick again and I really beefed up the

amount of energy work I was doing and

his vet you know my vet gave him you

know pretty much toward the weekend she

said he’s either going to do a

turnaround know you know of course I’d

put him on medication I’ll do anything

that I can but it’s the energy more than

anything and like she says that medicine

that he’s been on should never have

worked as long she doesn’t understand it

I know what it is it is this energy work

that I’m doing

I’ve been able to help him get over his

terror of storms abandonment issues you

know used to just be totally frantic if

I walked out of the room there’s just a

lot of things that have disappeared and

and the same thing happens for people

but it tears me up to know how many

people love their pets the way that I

loved Bo and they feel helpless when

they get sick and it costs a lot of

money to have them on drugs means some

people just can’t do that but energy

work is something that that you can

spend a little bit of time on everyday

doing for your pet and see amazing

results so if you would like to get some

more information please stop by my

website it’s wwp see of success calm or

energy dot piece of success calm will

take you directly to my energy tools