Cancer In Dogs: 5 Natural Remedies

this is doctor Andrew John in this

edition of NRI secrets I’m going to be

discussing five remedies for treating

cancer in dogs

hi guys welcome back to my channel dr.

Jones this video is obviously inspired

by my dog Luis here who for those of you

who don’t know he currently has a type

of fairly aggressive oral cancer which

was growing in the back of his mode to

spread up worked for to die he likely

have this for about three months it was

confirmed via diagnosis about two weeks

ago when he had surgery and a big part

of the math with taking out

unfortunately it had spread with ways

expanding whole WestEd and smell is gone

and also spreads are up towards the

basis of all around the are called the

orbit and meaning not all that could be

removed so first before I get into the

rare mate is one cancer stocks units

it’s a real difficult to the tree comes

a whole different forms likely mild

forms which a surgery why do we need to

remove in some cases the still mild you

can use them superficially treat them

and then more differing or serious

stages you know stage 3 stage 4 stage 5

it grows rapidly and aggressively you

can spread to regional rim lymph nodes

and then spread throughout the body but

as a disease is just a crab unit even

you know dealing with it with hundreds

of clients animals and I don’t know I

don’t think I ever got it quite the same

as when it’s been my own enameled my

laptop Pucci died quite young at the age

of eight of Manchester crawl not too

type of red blood cell counts Rebecca

McLean and now Lewis does not the Laurel


so Lutz is doing okay he’s a little bit

sedated now to these I double dose

through my CB had already been

uncomfortable through the actually bits

of eight now but he’s been doing okay

even eating well going for a good walk

drinking well seemingly happy for most

the time although it’s been about ten

days if he had surgery I can now see the

swelling slightly below his eye and you

know just by how he feel like it ascends

now he is obviously the cancer is coming

back also you can see is a bit of

discharge in the left corner design eyes

are popped out a little bit and is

putting pressure of the base to the eye

so I wanted to show you five things that

I’m using to treat Luis with his cancer

and five Remmy do you think you should

be considering if you’ve got a dog or

cat with cancer and so the first thing

is this which I discussed in my last

video is CBD or cannabidiol oil and so

it’s the therapeutic oil this is

isolated from the cannabis plant we’re

looking at here it is here there’s about

half of the syringe 0.5 ml later 50

milligrams we’re looking at doses and

dogs of tap of one milligram for 10

pounds of body weight twice daily

upwards to the high end of upwards of

one milligram per kilo up to twice daily

so one milligram per kilo for instance

for Lula society to 40 kilo dog that

will be 40 milligrams twice a day so it

almost be half at a syringe twice a day

this is a hundred million syringe right

now I mean getting a point 1 of a

syringe twice a day so I’m giving them

10 milligrams twice a day the second

thing is a higher doses of the essential

fatty acids so when I’m looking at

therapeutic doses we’re looking at a

thousand milligrams pretend on the body

weight minimum daily and if you’re

dealing with a cancer in your dog or cat

I’d encourage you to up that dose with

double that dose so I’m giving them flax

oil and he’s on 2 tablespoons which is a

thousand diagram they mean to the look

twice a day just in

see magnitude with food is been eating

as well two big things when I know is

anti-inflammatory if it’s food a little

bit more flavor it will do more harm may

do some benefit the third thing I want

to mention is curcumin in particular the

95 percent curcumin line so here did

here I have the ball form which is

really concentrated so when we’re

looking at therapeutic doses for cancer

we’re looking in a hundred milligrams

pretend on the body weight I’m giving

that twice daily with dealing with

especially something like Lou has an

aggressive cancer so with Lois that

equates to this is very concentrated so

he is Lois being you know 80 pounds I’m

actually giving them a thousand

milligrams twice a day and that equates

to half a teaspoon of this twice daily

and I just been making that into it and

through ending is consuming the one big

thing is it stains everything Orange

and so you can actually get the curcumin

the 95 percent curse cementoid in a

capsule formulation I’ve seen them at

typically sort of for 200 and 400

milligram capsules and so if you’ve got

a bigger dog try to get it as much as

you can in a capsule formulation and

then district I’ve been into your dog

food the fourth thing I am supplementing

Lewis we’re giving a Lewis first cancer

is dandelion root so this here is a

genuine root texture and never a variety

of different growth good but in terms of

a pretty standard cooter we’re looking

at a half a meal for 20 pounds of body

weight and once again because Lewis has

an aggressive cancer he’s actually

getting a half a mil for 20 months of

body weight he actually gets two meals

which is this full dropper full of 2


one dropper full there so he’s getting

two of those dropper falls twice daily

and what I’ve been doing a dis burden

into society as well he had a dose this

morning he’s taking it well

Daniel Andrews has been Jones has been

shown to have the wonderful anti-cancer

property in particular treating cancers

that are style

that are established the other option is

you can also have it as a dried food

formulation the big advantage of the

tincture is it is very concentrated and

you just have to give a small volume to

your dollars the last are media that I’m

treating lose with for cancer called Fe

acti here is something similar called

fluorescent herbal tea blend so it’s a

mixture of 10 different herbs herbs such

as burdock herb such as red clover or

herbs such as milk vehicle in a tea

formulation so either Lopresti at key

you look for this one fluorescence in

terms of doses I’m looking at I’m dosing

Lewis Lewis at 1 teaspoon pretend on the

body weight twice daily the dosage range

typically they’re anywhere from half a

teaspoon pretend on the body weight per

day upwards the high end of one teaspoon

pretend on the body with twice daily in

all I’ve been doing easy now because

it’s a fair amount of quality local

Lewis’s weight 80 pounds impedes having

to take I get 40 mils of it once about

three tablespoons so I’ve actually have

been mixing that intuitive food he was

can through and user have been moistens

up poisons it up makes a nice enormous

furry he’s been easily that weights been

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