Dog Food That Tested Positive For Euthanasia Drug

breaking news tests confirm euthanasia

drug in major brand dog foods and wait

until hear about what they put in your

food ladies and gentlemen

Rex barely project you might want to

buckle up for this one my blood is

boiling and I’m not surprised it’s just

a reminder of how much they love us and

even our pets now a very astutely

project listener emailed me earlier

today they said Rex you got to check out

this article fda to investigate after

report exposes euthanasia drug in Dodd

food great article written by Lisa

Fletcher WJLA news ABC channel 6 and

it’s in reference to a gal by the name

of Nikki and her pet she’s got five dogs

that she shares a can and this is like

New Year’s Eve 2016

she gives her dogs a can of Evan jurors

pet food and according to the article

among her five dogs after that she was

racing the lifeless animals to the

emergency that after they ate this food

and she says they were falling over they

are running into walls they were

convulsing so the vets at first say they

don’t know what’s going on then an hour

later they come out or hours later they

come out and say we’re sorry your dog

Tallulah didn’t make it so the dog you

know the dog dies after eating this pet

food so the family is like well what’s

going on here so they take the pet food

what’s left of it they take it to a

specialized lab laboratory and they also

take there their lifeless pet Tallulah

to a veterinarian pathologist for a

post-mortem examination and then the

examination says according to Nikki that

it was poisoning from the dog food but

it wasn’t just any poison it was

actually pentobarbital which is a lethal

drug most commonly used to euthanize

dogs cats and even horses it is a deadly

toxin that’s never permitted to kill

animals that are part of the food supply

and it would also violate federal law if

it was

now there is a gal by the name of Susan

fixed in which says pet food violates

federal law

it’s openly allowed by the FDA to

violate federal law billion-dollar your

companies are making profits selling

illegal adulterated products to

unknowing consumers in the US every day

now Susan is a pet food consumer

advocate who’s been studying these

effects and writing about pet food about

the pet food industry for decades

she says consumers have no information a

consumer has to become a private

detective to learn what’s really in

their food and I would say the same

thing for the food that you’re eating

and the food that your family is

consuming maybe there should be a

organization out there that gets funded

to go out and take all the foods that

were consuming that are supposedly

organic by fest fun all free that are

supposedly all natural ingredients etc

that we should get that stuff tested and

see what’s really in there and it should

be tested for a multitude of toxins and

elements and possibly some of the nano

technologies that have been slipping

into the consumer market so WJLA decides

to find out what’s in these dog foods

they partner up with ellipse analytics

it’s a lab that specializes in testing

food for contaminants WJLA tests 62

samples of wet dog food across more than

two dozen brands for the euthanasia drug

pentobarbital after several months of

testing and retesting one brand

repeatedly came back positive for

pentobarbital according to this article

in total we tested 15 cans of gravy

train nine cans 60% of the samples come

back positive for pentobarbital they say

that although the levels detected

weren’t necessarily lethal under federal

law they’re also not permitted at any

concentration gravy train makes big

heart pet foods which is owned by

smokers according to Nielsen data it

accounts for about 40 million dollars of

the company’s annual revenue wonderful

so my question is how does a

euthanasia drug get in pet food from a

company that large and then the website

squad said oh you know we do vigorous

testing we want to make sure that just

the okay so I’ll read to you in minutes

is the big heart website touts high

quality food that meets rigorous

evaluation and testing requirements

because they love us so much folks

they put euthanasia drugs in your dog

food for your pets big heart brands the

maker of meow Mix Milk Bone kibbles and

bits Nine Lives Natural Balance

pup-peroni gravy train nature’s recipe

canine carry-outs Milo’s kitchen alley

cat jerky treats me t-bone pounce and

snausages adulterated ingredients which

are defined partly as an animal which is

dyed otherwise than by slaughter is

illegal in all human food and food for

animals well the FDA acknowledges it as

violating its laws and states according

to this article pet food consid pet food

consisting of material from diseased

animals or animals which have died

otherwise than by slaughter which is in

violation of 402 a 5 will be considered

fit for animal consumption hmm ok so

they’re eating other animals that were

killed with euthanasia drugs is that it

or do they just put the drug in there

and they like throw it in the mix when

they’re mixing all this crap up I worked

in Iowa once on the road there’s a pet

factory out there northern Iowa and it

just stunk

the whole town reeks pet food Wow

so you can read this article ABC 6 on

your side com FDA to investigate after

report exposes euthanasia drug and dog

food now what’s in your food what’s in

your food ladies and gentleman well

let’s let’s look at some of the good

stuff in your food you know that the 10

stalks 10 toxic and greens well look at

a few more but here’s a quick 10 palm

oil how much food you have and consume

that’s got palm oil in it shortening

white flour right

pasta and bread which is bleached

high-fructose corn syrup which

oftentimes has mercury in it about half

the time

artificial sweeteners like aspartame and

now neo tame genetically modified e-coli

feces highly toxic stuff it’s in almost

everything now and there’s certain neo

tames that they don’t even think in

label as natural now oh yeah because

it’s just a little bit right it’s just a

little bit just a little bit sodium

benzoate aciem Ben’s 8bh a sodium

nitrates blue green yeah red and yellow

dyes you know one two three four that’s

good it’s it’s really good for your

thyroid your bladder or your kidney

let’s link to brain cancers and stuff

like that but a just a little bit a

little bit

monosodium glutamate MSG flavor

enhancers oh yeah that stuff’s good –

and what about TSP trisodium phosphate

that’s found in many popular breakfast

cereals well it’s just a little bit so

if you go to Snopes they’ll say oh yeah

you know paint thinner and all but it’s

just such a small amount it won’t hurt

you it’s just a little bit just a little

bit okay so how many people out there

eat breakfast cereal every day and then

you find out the tsp trisodium phosphate

which is used to clean toilet bowls but

they don’t recommend it because it can

like stain let me read this to you real


although it is still active ingredients

um toilet bowl cleaners TSP is generally

not recommended for cleaning bathrooms

because it can stain metal fixtures and

can damage route it can damage grout

stain metal fixtures but if it’s just a

little bit in your cereal it’s gonna be

just fine for your stomach it’s gonna be

just fine for your digestive tract gonna

be just fine for your nervous system

according to Snopes according to Snopes

because Snopes loves us to Snopes is you

know really they love us guys they love

us big time you should read the article

is paint thinner trisodium phosphate

found in cereals trisodium phosphate is

a common and safe additive used in small

amounts in various foods not a form of

paint thinner hmm it’s not a form of

paint thinner huh well gee looks like

what is this right here this is I’m

right here on Amazon heavy-duty cleaner


preparation of painting cleaned surface

and preparation for painting for better

durability and adhesion the original

deck and siding cleaner effectively

controls lead paint dust harmful if

swallowed I and skin irritant may cause

burns see other cautions on back panel

this is trisodium phosphate you can pick

up a box today for less than 4 bucks

what about arsenic and lead and BPA

found in many formulas mmm great an

alarming study released when’s this is

the USA today an alarming study released

Wednesday found many baby food products

test positive for arsenic including 80

percent of infant formulas and that’s

not the only dangerous contaminant found

the clean label project a non-profit

advocating for transparent labeling

tested baby food infant formulas toddler

drinks and snacks purchased within the

last 5 months the group which was which

did not publish its findings in a peer

review rather that in a peer-reviewed

journal I got a zoom in on this a little

bit asleep tiny font here haha they

didn’t publish their findings in a

peer-reviewed journal they looked at

top-selling formulas and baby food using

Nielsen data included emerging national

brands after about 530 baby food

products tested researchers found 65

percent of products tested positive for

arsenic 36 percent for lead and 58% for

cadmium and 10 percent for Arsenal la

might I don’t even know that is our Cola

might is that another paint cleaner

heavy-duty cleaner it’s got to be good

for you Jennifer Lori pediatrician and


at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas

not affiliated with the research says

chemicals these chemicals can affect

fine motor skills and cognition you

don’t say hey everybody my name is

Captain Obvious how’s it going yeah you

probably shouldn’t have that stuff in

food it’s probably not that good for you

but doctors will say you know what it’s

okay it’s just a little bit we’ve done

all these tests and it’s show every

things fine it’s okay I don’t use common

sense I just I just go off what these

tests say I just read this stuff that

these people that are supposed to have

you know all this all this research and

all this knowledge and all this power

and all this money because are these big

corporations I mean there’s these big

industries they’re just scientists that

are not associated with any industries

or you know they don’t have any conflict

of interest these people to do these

studies no no no no no no conflict of

interest whatsoever hello McFly bingo

wake up ladies and gentlemen wake up and

I know most of you that are listening to

this podcast are awake that’s for those

of you that aren’t you might want to

consider an opportunity to break out of

the matrix you are what you eat ladies

and gentlemen you want what you eat and

how disgusting the companies get away

with this stuff companies get away with

this stuff and then you have small

mom-and-pop shops that get fined

hundreds of thousands of dollars for not

baking cakes now I’m not saying I agree

with those people for not baking a cake

I think it was pretty silly actually I

think it’s pretty ridiculous that they

didn’t bake a cake and now they’re

having to pay a hundred thirty five

thousand dollars for not baking a cake

for a couple that was gay so there you

go you’ve got to pay out one hundred

thirty-five thousand dollars now as a

small business to a gay couple because

you didn’t make him a cake but large

conglomerates that make millions

hundreds of millions of dollars can get

away with putting euthanasia drugs or

haven’t you know having euthanasia drugs

found in the dog food they can get away

with that they can get away with having

arsenic and lead and nasty chemicals

that don’t need to be in your food

unless they’re creating this food for as

cheap as possible and how many chemicals

and products do they put in there that

don’t Eve

need to be in there that might cause

health problems down the road and then

who benefits from that hmm the medical

mafia industrial complex does and

there’s no association whatsoever is

there folks large corporations can put

poison in your food and then get away

with it but if you’re if you’re a small

business you have to do exactly what

you’re told otherwise

you might go out of business plate you

got to play the game right got to play

the game eat poison and do everything

they tell you to do otherwise you will

be assimilated one way or the other you

will not assimilate me abracadabra

I choose freedom she used to think for

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