15 Life Hacks for Dog Owners! Pet Care Tips

hey guys I’m really excited for today’s

video because it’s about this guy Thanks

so this week I’m traveling to Washington

with this little guy it’s the first time

that I’m taking him on an airplane so

I’ve been doing a lot of research on

tips and tricks of traveling with dogs

so that inspired me to make this video

which is a life hacks for dog owners

video I’m sharing with you 15 I think

there are 15 tips and tricks or life

hacks if you will on how to make taking

care of your dog a lot easier that

sounded weird wait let’s rephrase that

on how to take care of your dog easier

on how to take care of your dog in an

easier way this is a lot harder than I

thought you guys know what I’m talking

about I hope you guys enjoy watching

this video make sure you give it a

thumbs up if you are a dog owner and

these life hacks made your life a lot

easier also if you don’t have a dog

maybe this video will inspire you to get

a dog because these little furry guys

are pretty great to have around so let’s

just jump right into this video okay

life hack number one keep a lint roller

in your glove compartment for quick and

easy cleanups you have no idea how many

times I

on a tube grocery stores just covered in

dog fur yeah super embarrassing keep a

carabiner on your dog’s leash just in

case you need to chain them up real

quick to a tree or a pillar or whatever

for a yummy snack to cool down after

running around outside cut up some

apples into an ice cube tray and add

chicken broth pop them into your freezer

and you’ve got chicken apple ice pops

for your pup if you’re busy working and

your pup wants to play with you get one

of those toys with a loop on one end and

a ball on the other and put it on your

foot it’s multitasking at its best to

remove dog hair from your couch wet a

rubber glove and run it against your

cushions to remove dog hair from your

carpet run a squeegee along your carpet

surface it’ll round up all those stray

hairs both dog and human to make your

dog shampoo last longer and easier to

apply fill up a quarter of an empty

water bottle with one of those pop-up

nozzles with the shampoo then fill the

rest up with water then shake it up the

diluted shampoo and nozzle makes it

easier to spread all over the first so

fresh so clean buy a portable water

dispenser like this gulpy one for long

walks and outings ours is pretty old too

the labels peeling off it comes with

both a bottle to carry the water in and

a convenient little truck for your furry

friends drink out of

study up on how to perform the Heimlich

maneuver and CPR on your dog one time

Sampson started choking on a piece of

bone so we looked up one of these charts

really quick and helped him clears

throat it was one of the scariest

moments of my life if your dog has some

stanky breath sprinkle a little bit of

parsley on his food to help freshen them

up if you live in a place that snows

during the winter apply Vaseline to your

dog’s paws before you go walking to

protect your dog and the salt chemicals

if your dog freaks out during

thunderstorms try rubbing a dryer sheet

on his fur a lot of the time they’re

freaking out because of the static

electricity store your dog food in an

airtight container for easy access to

keep it fresh and to keep your dog from

getting into it if you’re a pro at being

unorganized and lose things all the time

buy a little basket to keep your pups

things separate from everything else if

you struggle with remembering whether or

not you fed your dog that day guilty

make a little chart on a piece of

whiteboard so you can mark off every

time you feed your pup also a quick note

the majority of the items I showed you

in this video are from the dollar store

so not only do these things make your

life easier but they’re also easy on

your wallet I hope you guys like today’s

video you guys can think of any cool

life hacks for dog owners that you

didn’t see in this video make sure you

let me know in the comments below

because I’m always looking more tips and

tricks on how to take care of the sky a

lot easier as if my life doesn’t already

revolve around this little guy yeah make

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but this smash I was taking the best

better than that